Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Instant Lime & Mint Granita

I have an incredibly huge kitchen in my house in here (particularly when compared to the average kitchen in a flat in Spain, which was my previous one). However, for reasons that I am still trying to figure out, the freezer is really, really small.
I used to have always my ice cream bucket in the freezer, so that when I wanted to have my home made ice cream (and it used to be quite often, honestly), I could -easily and quickly- have it.
Now it is not longer the case, and ice cream asks for a bit more of planning from me.
So, thinking on a quick way to solve the urge for a truly home made treat, last week, over the lovely summery weather, I made this instant lime granita.
The result is so good I cannot avoid to share it.
Are you up for a granita???

You're welcome.

Instant lime and mint granita
Ingredients (for 4 people)
Juice of 6-8 lime
100 grams sugar
100 ml warm water
600 grams ice cubes
8-10 mint sprigs
Mix the juice, the warm water and the sugar until dissolved. Taste and correct sugar as needed. Take into account that it should be really tasty, as the flavours will dilute once the ice cubes are added.
Put the liquid into the food processor. Add the chopped mint sprigs and pulse a few seconds, just for a good mix of the ingredients. Add the ice cubes and grind until you have the texture you like.
If you are more lemonade than granita person, just use 200 grams ice cubes and 600 ml water instead.

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