Monday, 22 June 2015

Naturally flavoured water

It has never been a problem for me to have my 8 water glass a day. I do not need to remind myself to drink water,quite the contrary.
Wherever I am, I have a mug or a glass, or a bottle that I drink along the day.
This late summer I decided to give a note of flavor and color to the water. Actually, this is an idea you can use whenever you miss summer.
And, on top of it, a very simple test with an idea that also brings color to the table, becoming a table center piece effortlessly.

All you have to take into account is that water really gets flavored, so keep that in mind when combining it with your dishes.
It is not exactly an infusion, not that much, but you will notice the taste for sure.
These photos are two of the bottles I prepared at the same time and got to photograph, but you can really do almost as many combinations as you like.

I prepared some water with cucumber and lime, which is perfect for starting your meal, with a salad, gazpacho or the like, as cucumber and lime add a refreshing touch the water.

And to continue, or take in the afternoon, or really, when you want, there is the other one which has raspberry and basil. The raspberry gives it a touch of acidity, basil puts the perfume.

The preparation could not be simpler and you could not have a more dramatic result with less effort. What about you, what do you put on your late summer water?

Naturally flavored water

With lime and cucumber


1 liter of mineral water (so it has no taste of its own)
1 cucumber (there will be letfovers)
1 lime


Thoroughly wash the lime and cucumber, dry. With a mandoline or a vegetable cutter, cut the cucumber thinely, lengthwise. You will need 6 or 8 will of these, depending on how intensely flavored you like it. Cut the lime into quarters. Put ingredients in a wide-necked bottle that can go to the fridge and fill with water.
Leave in the refrigerator at least 12 hours, preferably 24.
Serve with plenty of ice.

With raspberry and basil

1 liter of mineral water
2 handfuls of raspberries (in my case, frozen.)
Fresh basil leaves.


Wash the basil and cut the stems, leaving the whole leaves. Put the basil leaves together with raspberries in a wide-necked bottle that can go to the fridge, and let it rest to absorb flavor (and color in this case) between 12 and 24 hours. Serve with plenty of ice.


  1. This is the most delightful blog entry. I am a big fan of allowing non-starchy fruit to flavour my water. I even enjoy freezing grapes and watermelon cubes and then using them as ice-cubes in a tall glass of water. Your suggestions have me so excited that i'm frustrated because it's time for bed now and I have already drank a lot of water and so I have to wait till tomorrow to try some of your masterpieces. I love your tips and recipes. Thankyou for this gift x


  2. Excellent post ... you've motivated me to try this water ... and beautiful photos. Keep up the great work!