Monday, 16 February 2015

Homemade burger buns

Sometimes, if you can not beat them, it is best to join him. Or tempted, if you can not beat it. I could go with a bunch of other topics, to explain why I made this recipe for hamburger bun, but the real truth is that I have an 8 year old eats hamburgers at home. And I make hamburgers, to control what I put, but with bread, had been hooked on industrial rolls. And is not the best, really. So I needed to try a recipe that replaced and I think this is going pearls. There are thousands of recipes for this bread, this is just another, but they liked my beta testers, who are very, very demanding, as anyone who has children at home. So taking your approval I can say I have passed the test with flying colors.
Sesame I leave to your choice, children do not always thrilled.

The recipe is very simple, but like all breads, leavened times are long. I usually do on Saturday or Sunday, if I'm home doing other things and freeze for use during the week. In this case, I prefer not to put sesame.

Hamburger bun

Ingredients (for about 10 rolls)
120 grams of water
180 grams of milk
1 egg
30 grams of butter
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
600 grams of flour (plus more for flour the bench)
30 grams of fresh yeast bakery

For baking
A little water


Put all ingredients into the bread pan in the order listed in the program for the dough (takes about 1 ½ hours and makes a first weighed).

Flour a work surface, degas the dough (to give a spin to remove excess air, but do not knead again) and cut the dough into pieces of similar weight. I start diviendo the dough in half and then each half in half to make similar pieces. If this system does not serve you, weighs the dough and divide it into pieces of equal weight. It is important that the buns weighing the same so that the baking is homogeneous. Form bagels with the pieces, and put them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or a silicone sheet. Leave weigh again for 1 hour, covered with a cloth.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees, spray with water, put the sesame seeds if you are using, at this time. Lower the oven to 180 degrees, place the scones about 15 minutes or until golden. Cool on a rack, and to enjoy.

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