Monday, 15 June 2015

Green asparagus and strawberries salad

This recipe should be called "How to enjoy seasonal products in a minute, resulting in a spectacular flavor and without complication". It is, in fact, my own wish of puting spring into a dish what made this salad to work so well. I love green asparagus. It is true that now you can find them most of the year on the shelves of the supermarket, but when their season arrives, my mouth waters just thinking of their taste grilled. Strawberries are also around, covering all the selves as their season is so short, but so intense.  So, now strawberries and asparagus are at their peak, and you have no excuses to make this salad in a couple of minutes. I guarantee you will not leave you indifferent. Moreover, the strawberries with their sligthly acid flavor work well in salads, so even if you want just add some strawberries to your lettuce, you will change your salad and it will become a really spring salad.
Ensalada de fresas y espárragos con queso feda

Strawberries and asparagus salad with feta cheese


A bunch of asparagus
A handful of strawberries
Feta cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Coarse sea salt or salt flakes

Ensalada de fresas y espárragos con queso feda


Clean the asparagus, cut the hard part of the stem. Wash them thoroughly and blanch in a pan of boiling water for 20 seconds. Go through the cold water to stop cooking. Dry and grilled. Add salt.
Wash and cut strawberries. Dry them well.
Place asparagus on a plate, spread over strawberries and finished with crumbled feta cheese. Dress with a splash of extra virgin olive oil.


  1. I'm going to try this salad. Looks great.

  2. Asparagus and strawberries, have to try it!

  3. Hei! I am pretty sure you will simply love it.

  4. Just made this but with goat cheese, super yummy! Thanks!!!